Foodsharing: generosity against waste

Foodsharing: generosity against waste

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The foodsharing is the sharing of food goods through a virtual platform: from the dinner prepared for the children who have not returned to the boxes of tomato sauce that the grocery stores have not sold, but also fresh and well-preserved products that would not be made in time to eat because you suddenly have to leave. This is the newly born site, totally free, he assures Giorgio Mastroianni, the president who still has many projects in mind always to reduce waste and satisfy users.

1) How and when was “Foodsharing” born?

It was born from a lived experience: the surplus and waste of food inside our homes are on the agenda and they were also in my family.

We often throw away food items in our refrigerator without them being consumed; I think of a mother who buys dinner for her children and they don't come back for dinner, the invitations to dinner outside the last hour or the endless times we leave the supermarket with a cart full of food and actually the shopping list expected half. Who has never happened to?

2) What are your main activities?

Foodsharing was born as a non-profit organization with purposes of utility and social assistance. The first step is to create one food sharing network, a virtual place where, through sharing, a dual purpose is achieved: to reduce waste and facilitate provisioning by site users. We have created a virtual platform ( where the availability of food is offered absolutely free. Everyone can share, everyone can source.

3) Who can participate and how?

We are open to all. From private citizens to neighborhood grocery stores, from small and large distribution companies to direct producers. Any physical or legal entity that shares the purpose that is the basis of our project. Just go to our site and register to have access to all services. It is possible to insert product sharing announcements and / or respond to announcements already present, search by postcode, province or text and view the position of the person who placed the announcement on the map. All for free.

4) How many people / realities are registered or support Foodsharing today?

The project was born very recently, on May 4th, but we are already seeing a large following. Of course the skepticism is strong - “Why do I have to share what is mine? Why do I have to take products from complete strangers? Why do I have to show that I need help? " - but through social networks, word of mouth and the network we are making ourselves known. Statistics show that we have visits not from Italy but also from the rest of Europe and overseas; the English version of the site will be available shortly. The battle against waste must have no borders but we think it can be global.

5) What is the identikit of the typical user of your service?

I don't think there is a specific user identikit. I think of those who have a full fridge and rather than throwing out shares, of those who do it simply to help others, of those who actually have difficulty shopping; I am thinking of the merchant who at the end of the day has inventories to share or the large supermarket with products too close to expiry to be marketed. I think that helping and accepting help is everyone's right and duty.

6) What are the most frequent products?

Certainly packaged, boxed or otherwise sealed products are the most present on our site. However, we believe that even the "fresh" if properly stored and in compliance with the deadlines can be shared. We have included in the portal a simple and essential guide for proper food storage. The rule applies: "Do not let others eat what you would not eat ..."

7) Do you have new developments in the service in mind?

We do not limit ourselves to the portal, we want to be among the people, educate and disseminate a correct food culture, promote and support specific training projects involving professionals and experts in the sector, plan meetings on the recovery and reuse of food during preparation and cooking. And, last but not least, the possibility of having a warehouse where you can accumulate and store food products to be shared on the potale. The project is undoubtedly ambitious but we believe it.

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