Barbecue, which one to choose?

The barbecue is a device used for cooking food by direct application of heat. There are several types of barbecue, most of them belong to two categories, barbecue powered by gas e barbecue coal. The barbecue it is widespread in every part of the world and there are many traditions related to its use; with favorable weather conditions, in Italy there is no lack of opportunities to organize outdoor barbecues and barbecue laptop can not miss!

Those who do not want to build a fixed garden barbecue can proceed with the purchase of a barbecue portable, practical and compact. When it comes to choose the barbecue to buy, there is a heated debate that does not concern the prices, but the power system: a large slice of people say that cooking with charcoal is not healthy so they prefer barbecue powered by gas, the other half of users prefer the classic barbecue charcoal just for the flavor it gives to food!

The price gods barbecue potable can range between less than 100 euros to more than 500 euros. THE barbecue more expensive are the gas ones. THE barbecue they differ not only in the power supply system but also in the size and number of grids. THE barbecue more promising offer two grills as well as side compartments that function as food rests. THE barbecue wood-burning machines are characterized by a bese platform, where the coal can be placed, portability is guaranteed by the wheels or in the more compact models, by systems "pocket”On the stock exchange, an example is barbecue ultra-portable in photos.

Not everyone appreciates smoke, gas and smog! Thus the sector of barbecue expands with eco-friendly proposals. We have already talked about the Lapin Kulta, a system that allows you to cook dishes outdoors using solar energy. It is clear, not everyone can afford a solar parabolic system and while we try to resolve the debate between barbecue gas e barbecue charcoal, one thing is certain, ceramic grills are much more efficient than traditional grills and can reduce the total ecological footprint of an outdoor lunch.

When choosing a barbecue always better to opt for a ceramic grille. In this context, Dome Grill (phono above) arises, it incorporates ceramic grills and a system that guarantees maximum efficiency of the heat produced by combustion. In this way the kitchen will be more ecological and the dishes will take less time to prepare.

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