The Sunbike electric bike without batteries

The Sunbike electric bike without batteries

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Here she is electric bicycle to solar power without batteries. Lightweight, handy, easy to use and without maintenance costs (apart from those of any bicycle) because the batteries are the most 'uncomfortable' part of the pedal assisted cycles. It only needs one thing: a little sun.

There Sunbike we are talking about is not on the market (at least for the moment) but its creator (an engineer) has been experimenting it for a few months in all conditions and has already covered about 500 km (less than 25 pedaled) in routes each time of 80 or 100 km. The speed is very respectable it seems: hard hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset there solar bicycle it travels at about 10 km / h, while during the day it exceeds 20 km / h.

The engine of the solar bicycle is a photovoltaic panel from Enecom which installed as a canopy produces the energy necessary for movement. There bicycle it has no batteries, a feature that differentiates it from others bicycles similar, and is compliant with road traffic as pedal assisted velocipede.

The handling of the solar electric bike without batteries it depends on the weight of only 23 kg, which can drop to about 20 kg with further modifications (says the inventor). Besides being handy, the solar bike protects from the sun, rain (if light, not thunderstorms), allows you to pass pedestrian crossings without problems and without batteries, maintenance is limited to that of a traditional bicycle.

Waiting to know something more directly from the inventor (whose name we do not disclose for now) or maybe to see the solar electric bike without batteries going around the streets (now that summer is its time) it is worth remembering the advantages of electric bicycles, especially in the summer to move around the city without polluting, without making noise, but also without the problem of get sweaty and out of breath to the goal.

The electric bikes they are clean (without batteries they are truly zero emissions), they are generally cheap to purchase (with the exception of the trendy models), they do not pay road tax, ownership taxes, insurance and road taxes. You don't even need a driving license.

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