Furnish with recycled furniture

Furnishing your home with i recycled furniture it could be a winning idea in terms of savings and respect for the environment. With a little creativity and a few small tricks, you can recycle furniture that we no longer use and make them more current or more in line with the rest of the furniture in the house. The recovery of old pieces of furniture, perhaps inherited from grandparents and found dusty in the attic or cellar, can prove useful in a period of crisis like this. Throwing away memories is never pleasant, so here's a very alternative way to reuse old ones furniture to throw away and turn them into recycled furniture.

Recycled furniture, some idea
For example, you can use an old dresser and completely transform it into a mobile new. As? Just sand the piece of furniture and give it a new shade, perhaps adopting the decoupage technique or carefully readjusting it. Rearranged its use can be upset!
Even an old sewing machine lends itself well to recycling, it can in fact become a side table or a desk. A barrel, for example, can become a breakfast table, a cabinet can become a support wall, while chairs can become benches, if joined. The chairs can be recycled in several ways, by sectioning them in half, or using the backrest or transforming them into shelves.

And the children's room? Even the children's room can be easily furnished with recycled furniture. For example, you can use the old bookcase in the attic, color it in a brighter shade, draw some nice companion on the adventure or apply stencils or stickers to it. And here is the new library for children. Do you remember your old bed? Maybe you haven't thrown it away and you can turn it into a nice colored bed: if it's too high you can saw off the legs of the net. What about the old telephone cabinet? Why not, here it can become the bedside table, taking care to color it according to the colors that are predominant in the bedroom. Even an old wardrobe can become the wardrobe for the children's bedroom: changing color and perhaps drawing the silhouettes of your favorite heroes over it.

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