Green Wheel, the Ducati kit

Green Wheel, the Ducati kit

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It is known by the name of Green Wheel or e-Wheel, it is a kit forelectrification of a bicycle. The kit Green Wheel goes to integrate on the rear wheel of the bike. Green Wheel it is composed of an external case, with a bomb shape, environmental sensors, GPS sensors, an electric motor, batteries. On the market there are numerous kits to transform a simple pedal bike into a pedal assisted ebike.

How it differs Green Wheel?
Probably Green Wheel it differs from other kits on the market for its notoriety! The other features of Green Wheel they can easily be found in other electrification kits already on the market with the exception of sensors which could be incorporated separately.

The sensors incorporated in the system Green Wheel, allow the user to monitor and record environmental data such as air pollution, humidity and noise. Ability to record the data collected and share them via social networks (if you are on the hunt for an environmental sensor, take a look at this article); an anti-theft system, which uses bluetooth communication with the personal smartphone and the GPS system for localization. Ability to measure the consumption of calories in fitness mode through the use of the smartphone (an option that can be incorporated on any bike thanks to special smartphone applications).

Regarding the technical characteristics of the system Green Wheel, we have a 350W brushless motor and a system for the recovery of kinetic energy during braking which is converted into energy and sent to the battery pack. The system Green Wheel is produced by Ducati Energy, some examples of bicycles with system Green Wheel they can be easily spotted in Padua where local administrations have adopted it through a project for sustainable mobility.

On the Ducati Energia portal there are no estimates regarding the autonomy of Green Wheel but among the technical characteristics it is noted that the lithium polymer batteries are at 48V and 3Ah, with 3Ah, the autonomy will probably not go beyond 15-20 kilometers.

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