Eco Hotels, what they are and what they offer

Eco hotel:what it is and how they recognize each other. Information to ask at the reception and environmental standards ranging from Ecolabel and LEED certification.

People who want to travel the world but are aware of the great environmental impact that a trip can have, for their stay, can choose the so-called "eco hotel". The eco hotel are accommodation facilities that are committed to respecting high standards of environmental and social sustainability. It is not always easy to find one eco hotel, even if the phenomenon is clearly growing, there are few hotel which offer the guarantee of a LEED certification.

LEED certified hotel

They will be built in the next few years eco hotel able to meet all the energy efficiency and environmental compliance standards imposed with the LEED certification, these will be built in Frankfurt and Vancouver (by 2014), Miami (by 2015) and in Muscat and Oman (by 2016). Pending the dissemination of the LEED certification among hotels, a responsible tourist can learn to understand for himself whetherhotel where he will stay is enough echo:

  • L'hotel does it have a recycling program for guests?
  • L'hotel, for breakfast and other meals, does it offer local products?
  • Does the hotel use a LED lighting system or an incandescent bulb?
  • do the room lights turn off and on automatically?
  • Does the hotel have solar panels or does it buy clean energy?
  • do the housekeepers on the floors clean the rooms with non-toxic hygiene products?

To make thehotel where are you staying somewhere more green, you can ask the housekeepers not to change sheets and towels on a daily basis. This small gesture will save many liters of water and also energy. Assume you are staying in a low-impact resort like camping, or consider getting around by clean means like cycling or kayaking.


Like LEED certification, the Ecolabel is gaining ground in the European Union. Also in this case, the hotel must comply with minimum standards in terms of environmental performance. The first hotel to boast the Ecolabel certification was the Sunwing Resort Kallithea, located in Rhodes (Greece), in 2003.

Eco Hotel: what it is

Aeco hotelit should be aeco-sustainable hotel which mitigates its impact on the environment by applying good practices. Many eco hotels are presented asEco Lodges because of their position perfectly integrated in nature. But it is not enough to be in the jungle or in an uncontaminated place to be able to define yourselfecho.

The specific certification for hotels is the aforementioned LEED. A LEED certificate guarantees that that hotel safeguards the environment through efficient energy practices, recycling, composting programs and the supply of organic products.

How to evaluate aeco hotel?

  • Learn about the products used for cleaning. Hotel cleaning should be done with non-toxic detergents and biodegradable laundry detergents.
  • Sheets, towels and bed linen should be made from 100% organic cotton.
  • The Hotel should meet its energy needs - at least partial - with renewable energy.
  • Energy saving lighting
  • Offer electric motor shuttles
  • Find out if the hotel has a gray water recycling or wastewater management program
  • Aeco hotelshould offer organic / bio and zero km food

Eco Hotel: advantages

Saving of energy, resources and even money; these are the main reasons that every year should lead millions of vacationers to a more sustainable choice. Choosing a eco-hotel it will contribute to maintaining the natural ecological balance of the environment. You will help preserve the planet, its natural systems and precious resources.

What are the benefits?

  • Energy, resources and money are saved, as eco-hotels make sure that water and electricity are not wasted.
  • Since unused items are recycled, the resulting products will reduce the cost. This allows less energy to be used, as manufacturing new products from raw materials requires greater expense.
  • If hotels reduce the waste of resources through the process of recycling materials, your decision can free up a considerable space in the landfill areas.
  • The eco hotelwho are committed to creating a better quality of the natural environment give their contribution to avoiding 2 million premature deaths that occur every year around the world and are caused by air pollution. Pollutants such as lead are associated with behavioral problems and lowering the IQ in your children.
  • The use of organic / biological products are not only good for the environment but are also synonymous with higher quality of your health.
  • When you choose an eco-hotel, you reduce the global pollution that is produced. And this is obviously easier than cleaning up and reclaiming the environment after the trouble is done.

So next time you want to spend a few days on vacation, take a few more minutes to choose the hotel and check which eco-friendly hotel is available in the area.

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