Containers for separate waste collection

Containers for separate waste collection

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Separate collection is a challenge to pursue and to facilitate the management of waste domestic the best solution is to adopt containers different for each class of waste.

Damp, undifferentiated, plastic… sorting out waste is simple but organizing yourself with the various collection bags is difficult, especially for those who do not have enough space or who do not have a garden. This is what they are for containers ad hoc. Between waste containers more fashionable, we include theEgg by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi.

L’Ovetto made its debut on the market at the 2011 edition of the London Design Festival. Ovetto is more than just waste container because in a single structure it collects several compartments.

There are three compartments closed and hermetically separated, each section is dedicated to the disposal of a particular waste: wet, plastic and undifferentiated. This special waste container is made of 70 percent recycled plastic.

That of designer Gianluca Soldi is not the only one, there are many on the market waste containers, from the classic box shape up to more extravagant basket shapes. Gods waste containers less bulky are those that extend vertically, a sort of cabinet-dustbin! There is no lack of sets of semi-rigid polypropylene containers, ideal for organizing separate waste collection in a functional way, while taking up little space.

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