Natura Bio wellness, to live in harmony with nature

Natura Bio wellness, to live in harmony with nature

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There is a balance between man and the environment. This balance is not found in the exploitation of resources, in the merciless monetization of the soil and in animal exploitation. This balance must be persevered in full respect of Mother Earth, man can live in harmony with every ecosystem, if only he learned to reflect on every little daily action.

The thoughtful inspiration comes from Natura Bio Benessere, the portal dedicated to all those who share a philosophy a low impact or anyone who wants to get close to a new lifestyle, more aware, ethical and sustainable.

Natura Bio Benessere can be seen as an aggregator of ecological products it's completely cruelty free. The Natura Bio Benessere team selects the products based on precise and essential requirements. These are completely natural products where the plant component, in most cases, comes from organic crops or biodynamic, certified by strict control bodies such as BDIH, Aiab / Icea, Demeter, EcoCert, CO.CO.NAT, VeganOK... all entities that test theeco-compatibility of every single component present in the cosmetic.

The portal excludes all products with ingredients GMOs (genetically modified organisms), all substances derived from petroleum, silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, formaldehyde-releasing molecules and other aggressive substances.

To increase consumer awareness, each product proposed by the Natura Bio Benessere portal is attached to an information sheet that lists each ingredient used, it is the INCI, International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. Precedence must be given to products made in Italy to embrace the principle of the short supply chain.

Packaging and shipping are also carried out respecting the environment. While waiting for zero-emission couriers to spread (perhaps using electric vehicles), Natura Bio Benessere uses recycled and recyclable cardboard, just as the filling material and components used to seal the packages will also be recyclable.

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