Rome hosts the Energy Festival

Rome hosts the Energy Festival

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The Energy Festival has chosen Rome and the headquarters of the LUISS Guido Carli for the sixth edition (May 24-25) and has also changed its skin, renewing format, language and methods of interaction. Among the novelties, the collaboration with ItalyCamp (the association that unites universities, institutions and businesses) among the promoters of the event alongside Aris (Information and Society Research Agency).

The Energy Festival 2013 counts on partnerships with Assoelectric, FederUtility, Anigas is Aper (the only association among the partners of the Festival to give voice to Italian renewables) and on the patronage of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice and LUISS, which will host the event at the Viale Romania headquarters.

The event program focuses on the macro-theme 'Energy to Change' and addresses the issues of the right to energy, national energy policy choices, sustainability and resilience, efficiency and technological innovation.

Conference and unconference: this year the Energy Festival experiments (and this is an interesting curiosity) the participatory format of the barcamp, alongside the consolidated one of the round table. Born in the American University of Stanford and imported into Italy by ItaliaCamp, the barcamp it is a deconstructed conference, whose contents are generated by the participants, who play an active role in the debate.

On the opening day of May 24, talk shows, debates and workshops on the themes ofenergy efficiency, ofaccess to energy, infrastructures and economic and political strategies for the energy development. The debates are open, also available in streaming on the web and broadcast on television to reach the general public.

The second day of the Energy Festival (May 25) is instead dedicated to Barcamp of Energy, innovative space dedicated tosustainable energy and technologies in the field cleantech, designed to compare already mature experiences with ideas that look to the future. The Camp will be an opportunity to bring out projects and resources that can determine the affirmation of an Italian leadership in an economic sector that is crucial for the growth of our country and Europe.

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