Greeny, the best ally of recycling

Greeny, the best ally of recycling

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Recycling has a new ally, these are systems that provide for the collection, compaction and shredding of various materials. Thanks to the bins of plastic, paper, glass… recycling will be easy, intuitive and engaging: the systems are equipped with mechanisms to encourage and sensitize the public to good recycling practices. An example of an incentive? If the user recycles, he or she may be entitled to a discount voucher on the shopping!

This is the Greeny line where each appliance collects, compacts and shreds the material so as to make it ready for recycling. The Greeny line does not lack multimedia systems for sponsorships and information to the public. Thanks to the spread of Greeny collectors, the environment has saved many water resources and virgin matter. An example? Millions of liters of oil have been saved!

These figures are not only convenient for the environment but also for the pockets of us consumers, for example, in the municipalities of Ferrara, Resana (TV) and Misano Adriatico (RN), over 8 tons of PET were collected and users who took part in the collection and were rewarded with 6,000 euros. The estimate made seems to refer to a fee of 10 euro cents for each bottle conferred. In Uboldo, in the province of Varese, in addition to the voucher to be spent at affiliated businesses, the municipal administration has decided to offer a discount of 50 euro cents for each bottle given on the waste tax. The Greeny line is proposed by Euromeccanica's environment division, Euroven which describes its product as follows:

“Greeny makes money on three different fronts: the first opportunity is direct sales to waste recyclers, since aluminum and Pet have a good market value and Eurven products generate high quality, compressed and selected materials. The second opportunity is linked to marketing, since not only is it possible to fully customize the machinery, linking it to the image of the various brands, but thanks to the multimedia and incentive and loyalty systems, it is possible to offer considerable One to One marketing. "

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