Elettrocity: the paradise of electric mobility in Milan

Elettrocity: the paradise of electric mobility in Milan

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The largest show room in Europe dedicated to electric vehicles and to sustainable mobility opened in Milan, in via Foppa 49, with 400 models on the list and over 100 to be tested in the field. IS' Elettrocity Store. in the meantime Paolo Manzoni, Creator and organizer of Elettrocity and Elettrocitystore, from his "electrical" experience explains that in public administrations "the will is there, but more creativity is needed in solutions to balance the lack of resources".

1) Since when have you been involved in electric mobility? Where are you present today? You also arrive in Milan: where?

Gespi entered the distribution of electric vehicles a year ago by designing and realizing temporary commercial events in Milan and Rome that were very successful with the public and in sales. Over 6,000 'electric baptisms' were celebrated in just three three-day events and this gave us the feeling that the time was ripe to start our project to create the first national, multi-product and multi-brand network dedicated to electric and sustainable mobility. We began with the opening of the Elettrocity Store in Milan, in via Foppa 49.

2) How many models and types of vehicles will it be possible to see in your spaces?

Elettrocity Store today offers over 400 electric vehicles selected from the list and will have over 100 available in the shop for testing. At Elettrocity Store you can buy any type of electric vehicle that makes sense to buy (from bicycles to cars, including commercial vehicles) or own and use pay-as-you-go, with modern and advantageous long-term rental formulas.

3) Latest news to keep an eye on?

Certainly light quadricycles (in addition to Biro 'and Ducati Free Duck the new Greengo Icaro) and hybrids between bicycles and mopeds that travel (registered) at 45 km / h such as Metro or Shima of A2B which Electrocity Store is on trial in absolute national preview.

4) Other curiosities to try?

Try, rather than keep an eye on, the range of new Klaxon and Winora mid-engined bicycles, the two-wheeled equivalent of an Audi in the world of high-end cars. Dinamo's cargo bikes also deserve special mention, arriving from Holland with a vintage look and a very modern function: replacing thermal vehicles in city deliveries.

5) In addition to the sale of vehicles, what other services will you provide? Which are the most requested and why in your opinion?

We will offer a station of car-sharing, the long-term rental of almost all electric cars on the market, daily and hourly rentals of scooters and micro, in addition of course to the workshop and assistance which are necessary functions for anyone selling this type of vehicle.

6) What interest is there on the part of local public administrations in the use of electric vehicles for their services?

Interest in the sustainable mobility is growing vertically in the Italian PPAA. However, the issue is not installing a column or buying two electric cars for municipal employees. Meanwhile, a municipality that is serious should de-regulate (for example the installation of columns on public land paid for by private individuals such as retailers, large retailers, condominiums ...), favor the adoption of EV (not with money but with limited access, free parking, use of preferential lanes ...) and push firmly when the public interest is out of the question (for example, why not reduce the ICI rate by a few tenths of a point% to those who have goods delivered or delivered in the city using electric vehicles?). In short, the will is there, but more creativity is needed in the solutions to balance the lack of resources.

7) What do you expect from Milan, as an answer, taking into account that in two years there will also be Expo 2015?

May he give an example to all of Italy, in a vigorous way and opening many new paths.

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