How to prepare the maraschino

How to prepare the maraschino

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Homemade maraschino recipeHow to prepare maraschino, a typical Dalmatian liqueur prepared with black cherry stones.

The Maraschino it is one of the most popular liqueurs in the kitchen. It is made with black cherries, or rather, more precisely with black cherry stones.

The Maraschino it can be used in the kitchen to prepare desserts, perfume dishes or taste it as a digestive after a meal.

The sour cherries, depending on the variety and the place of cultivation, ripen from the end of May to the end of July. Those who want to try their hand at preparing the Maraschino can combine this work with the preparation of black cherry jams, tarts or a panna cotta expertly enriched with black cherries.

Just as limoncello and lemon cream are prepared with the maceration of the zest of a citrus fruit, the Maraschino it is prepared by putting i black cherry stones.

How to prepare the Maraschino

Here are the ingredients useful to prepare about a liter of maraschino liqueur.

300 grams of black cherry kernels
1/2 liter of alcohol for food use at 90 °
400 ml of water
400 grams of sugar

Prepare the Maraschino, the necessary equipment

Don't worry, no particular equipment is needed, at most one could be usefulstonerto speed up the cleaning of the sour cherries. Here's what you need for themaraschino recipe:

  • an airtight jar with a capacity of one liter
  • a filter or a muslin cloth
  • a stoner (optional)

The oldest recipe fromMaraschinoit was found in an old Dominican monastery in Zadar and dates back to the distant past XVI century. According to the traditional recipe, maceration takes place in wooden “vats” (similar to barrels). Natural wood should give even more flavor to the liqueur, making it become more "bitter".


1. Ston the black cherries

Ston the black cherries with a knife or a mechanical stoner. Usedsour cherries, morello cherries or sour cherries. These are three different varieties of the speciesPrunus cerasus, that is "bitter cherries". In the Dalmatian tradition, morello cherries were used. At the end of the page we will explain the difference between these three varieties of bitter cherries.

2. Maceration

In an airtight jar, place the black cherry stones and the alcohol. Close the jar tightly and leave the stones to macerate for about four months.

During this time the jar must be placed in a dark place, away from light sources. After four months, filter the liquid to remove the stones.

3. Flavored alcohol

Put a saucepan on the stove. Over low heat, dissolve the sugar in the water. Bring the water to a boil and let the syrup cool. Once cold, pour the syrup into the jar containing the flavored alcohol.

4. Stabilize the liquor

Let the liqueur rest for about 20 days.

5. Filtration

Filter it through a very narrow mesh filter (with medical gauze or a muslin cloth) and finally bottle it.

Please note: if four months of maceration seems like a lot to you, you can try a faster recipe that uses larger doses of black cherry stones. Try the same recipe seen in the articleliqueur with cherry stones.

Sour cherries, sour cherries and morello cherries

Maraschino is a liqueur of Dalmatian origin and owes its name to the morello cherries, a variety of sour cherries originally from Dalmatia.

In Veneto and other regions of Italy it is often prepared with sour cherries or sour cherries. In fact, to complete the maraschino recipe you can use any variety of bitter cherries. The result is almost identical.

That of the sour cherries is certainly the most widespread variety. Sour cherries are light red fruits with a bitter, slightly acid taste.

The sour cherries are deep red in color and have a relatively sweet and slightly acid flavor. Use the sour cherries if you want aMaraschinowith a slightly sweeter and more fruity note but which fully preserves all its characteristics.

Morello cherries are smaller than black cherries and sour cherries, have a blackish-red color and a very bitter and acid taste. This is the bitter cherry variety used in the original recipe.

It lends itself well to the preparation of cocktails and is also used to correct fruit salads, sweets or ice cream.

Stoning the morello cherries (sour cherries or sour cherries)

To rattle off the sour cherriesfaster, you will need a pitter similar to the one used to pit olives. You can buy a stoner on Amazon or in stores that specialize in kitchen utensils.

For completeness we recommend a pitter from Amazon: cherry pitter, price 11.90 with free shipping. There are also more complete and faster ones but the purchase cost increases, as is the case with Wesmark mechanical stoner which is bought at a price of 27.18 euros and is shown in the photo above.

Maceration times for homemade Maraschino

If four months of maceration seems like a lot to you, you can try a faster recipe that uses larger doses of black cherry stones. Try the same recipe seen in the articleliqueur with cherry stones.

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