How to grow tomatoes in pots

How to grow tomatoes in pots

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The tomato it is a vegetable that can be grown in pots as it is satisfied with little space. Here how to grow tomatoes in pots.

How to grow tomatoes in pots, transplant
Just buy a few plants in nurseries or consortia to try your hand at cultivation of tomatoes made in home. Smaller varieties can fit in pots that are only 30cm wide and deep, but for other varieties a depth of 40-50cm is better, spacing the plants between them at least 40cm.
Here is the procedure for the transplant:

  • before transplanting the seedlings in pots enrich the soil with organic matter, preferably lightened with clay
  • make a small hole and place the seedling inside
  • cover with earth at the base, squeezing around and leveling
  • water, taking care not to wet the leaves too much: once watering is done, if the earth has dropped too much, add more.

For plants of tomato a bush of limited height will not require a stake, for plants that tend to stretch it will instead need to put supports such as bamboo canes, trellises, metal wires to be fixed to the railings. When the tomato it will begin to grow, just fix it to the support with a knot positioned under the leaf.

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How to grow tomatoes in pots, useful tips

  • For a luxuriant harvest, it is good to fertilize the soil with nettle macerate or another organic fertilizer
  • The secondary shoots that develop at the axil of the leaves must be removed when they are about 3cm long, the lower leaves, those that grow under the first fruit stage, must also be eliminated: the fewer leaves remain in contact with the ground, the less the plant risks getting sick
  • Water constantly to prevent the fruits from splitting, being careful not to wet the leaves: the water on the leaves could lead to fungal diseases
  • Protect the tomato from animal parasites: aphids and Colorado beetle are the enemies of the plant.

Of course, all these tips also apply to cultivation in the open ground.

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