Learn to recognize trees

Learn to recognize trees

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Those who love to travel in an ethical way, in close contact with nature, will certainly be curious to observe local vegetation and fauna, perhaps learning to to recognize the characteristic species of the area explored. As well as a tourist, before diving into thebirdwatching whoever wants to take a short course in ornithology recognize trees he can document himself properly.

Experts in the field identify plants based on taxonomic classifications that require the recognition of botanical particles. A lover of nature and the environment can rely on more obvious aspects such as leaves, bark or any fruit.

Currently, in Italy there are approximately 150 native trees, but if we consider all the tree species, the number goes beyond 700, it is true, it would be impossible to remember them all, but don't worry: trees the most widespread and representative of our woods are about forty.

Recognize trees, the first steps
Those wishing to approach the world of vegetation (Italian and non-Italian) can take their first steps by visiting the botanical gardens of their city, here you can find texts and ad hoc material. Among the most important in Europe, we point out the botanical garden of Naples. If there is no botanical garden in your city, then go to the library and ask for specific texts. If you really want to make a purchase, there are many books to browse at the Fnacs and Feltrinellis in Italy, choose the ones that are more "intuitive" and more suited to your cultural / professional needs.

Once again, the web proves to be a fundamental resource. "Italian Trees and Woods" is an educational portal that teaches to recognize the main forest species of our woods. The site takes into consideration seven types of environments found in the territory of our peninsula, with their respective categories:

  • Woods of the Mediterranean environment
  • Woods of the plain environment and Environment of the rural hedges
  • Woods of fluvial environment and wetlands
  • Woods of the hilly environment
  • Woods of the mountain environment
  • Woods of the alpine environment

Recognize trees, the apps
Those with a smartphone can bring with them some formidable databases to use directly when in front of the tree to be to recognize. At this link we have reported some of the most complete apps for recognize trees.

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