Citytech 2013, the mobility of the third millennium

Although technology today allows for lower emission of pollutants in exhaust gases, there is still a need to find new strategies to make transport on a human scale. While there is a slight decrease in carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides, there has been no improvement since 1997 when it comes to fine particles and ground ozone, recognized as the most dangerous substances for health. man and the environment.

To remedy these and other problems, it is born Citytech, an incubator of ideas on New Mobility aimed at reinterpreting space, the quality of life and the relationship between the city and its inhabitants. There New Mobility approaches the city in a more functional way with a strategy to reshape the Italian mobility of the third millennium. To make this change, concrete actions are needed by companies, public administrations, organizations and citizens. The event will take place on 21 and 22 October 2013 at the Fabbrica del Vapore (via Procaccini, 4).

Unmissable test drives
For those who want a taste of what will be the protagonists of the mobility of the third millennium, some prototypes will be exhibited outside the location with the possibility of being able to touch the imminent future: there will be an area for the test drives granted. to visitors.

The Planetarium and the Workshops
Those who want to approach the New Mobility cannot miss the opening event: a planetary session that will introduce the visitor to the world of connectivity and transport of the third millennium. Institutions, economic operators and the expression of civil society will take part in the planetary, all will have the opportunity to confront and interact to find solutions to common problems.

There will be workshops where politicians, industrialists, companies and sector associations will meet. The topics covered will be hot issues such as:
- regulations for the safety and protection of the environment and citizens
- efficient transport networks
-culture and education
- efficiency and effectiveness
environmental sustainability

The workshops will end with the creation of documents designed to propose solutions designed for the short, medium and place-period.