The best horticulture in Giardinaria

The best horticulture in Giardinaria

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TO Gardening - scheduled for 25 and 26 May in Rovato (BS) - the best of the horticulture Italian, garden furniture and products dedicated to those with a passion for greenery, or for greenery who love to enjoy. The event is organized byBrescian Flower Nursery Association in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovato and the patronage of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Brescia. The location is the Quistini Castle (via Sopramura 3A) free admission from 10am to 8pm.

Why visit Gardening? First of all to admire one of the most fascinating shows of spring: the blooming roses. The gardens of Castello Quistini, known for their rose gardens, will showcase the flowering of over 1500 varieties of collectible roses including ancient, modern and English. Some immersed in large green spaces, others in hidden corners of the garden, will accompany the visitor into the beautiful labyrinth of roses, an Italian-style labyrinth divided into areas that tells the story of the rose to the present day.


The treasure of Gardening. In the gardens of Castello Quistini you can also see specimens and rarities of cacti, peonies and hydrangeas of different varieties, indoor and garden orchids, seasonal and lively perennials, rare and medicinal plants such as Stevia, the natural sweetener, very particular aromatic 'Solanum muricatum' (melon-pepino), and Goji plants, beneficial and natural antioxidant, and Asimina Triloba, a plant with numerous nutritional properties. And citrus fruits, small olive and oleander trees, ancient fruits and specimens of small fruits of strawberries, raspberries, currants and gooseberries, garden plants, garden equipment. For the gardeners: irrigation systems and a new system for laying the lawn.

The goodies of Gardening. One of the tantalizing things about the program is there kitchen of flowers edited for the occasion byBarboglio de Gaioncelli farm who for the occasion will prepare a series of dishes based on herbs and flowers, demonstrating the fact that in addition to admiring, flowers and herbs can also be tasted in recipes for delicious dishes and salads. To accompany the dishes of the kitchen of flowers it will be possible to taste the excellent Franciacorta.


The social value of Gardening. The Brescian Flower Nursery Association which organizes Gardening has decided to award scholarships to students in classes V of the Istituto Pastori of Brescia who have written papers on the topics dear to Gardening. The projects presented have as their object the landscape (ornamental green), redevelopment (environmental and public green) and energy aspects.

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