Recycled aluminum items

Once melted, thealuminum of separate waste collection is ready to face a new life cycle because it is transformed back into raw material. To make a new can starting from recycled material, you need only 5% of the energy that would be needed if you started from bauxite, the mineral from which thealuminum however, there are more creative motives for recycling aluminum objects.

When it comes to aluminum, Italy is among the most recyclers in the world. There is a real trade in aluminum waste, and the best craftsmen are able to give aluminum a second life even before it goes through any smelting process.


All coffee makers marketed in Italy are made in recycled aluminumFurthermore, there are more and more companies that use aluminum that has reached its second life cycle for the production of various objects such as car frames, chairs and much more. To give you the idea, we report that:
• 640 cans are needed to make a car rim.
• With 800 cans you build a bicycle complete with accessories.
• 150 cans are needed to make a racing bike.
• With 3 cans you make a pair of glasses.
• With 130 cans you build a scooter.
• It takes 37 cans to make a coffee pot.
• All the coffee makers produced in Italy (7,000,000 units) are in recycled aluminum.

Among the most original artists is that he enjoys creating recycled aluminum objects such as bags, pendants, lamps, jewelry ... old boxes can give life to candles but also to entire curtains, the only limit is dictated by the imagination of those who work.


Lot of recycled aluminum objects they are built in a simple way. At a descriptive level, we can refer to a single model: first of all the artist must define theobject to be made, must report it with a drawing on a sheet or, if it is a three-dimensional object, on a cardboard that will act as a frame. The shape is then cut out of the cardboard, the pieces of aluminum are cut from the cans and leveled. Only after having leveled them will they be ready to be joined by composing a sort of mosaic.

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