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Grow the pepper

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How to grow pepper: from sowing to harvest, from planting to the care to be dedicated to the plant. Varieties and pot cultivation.

The sweet pepper is a simple vegetable from cultivate, just follow some useful information that you will find in the article. The first thing to evaluate in the pepper cultivation it is his hatred for the cold but this happens if you want growing pepper starting from the seed. The mature plant is more tolerant to cold returns but cannot tolerate frosts. For this reason theperiodto grow peppers in the open field, it starts from April-May. Let's see all the details onhow to grow peppers.

How to grow pepper from seeds

In the south the sweet pepper it can be grown by direct sowing outdoors, in the period from April to May, making sure that the soil is well exposed to the sun. Just bury the seed to a depth of 1 cm.

In the north, however, it is preferable to cultivate peppers by sowing in a protected environment.

It is important to pay attention to the temperature. Those who live in the South can anticipate sowing in a protected environment even in the months of February or March, as long as they plant the seedlings around April.

Useful hints: sow in an environment with temperatures between 15 and 30 ° C, given that below 15 ° C i pepper seedsthey struggle to germinate.

Cultivate the pepper, the soil

Soil preparation must be done in autumn or winter, a few months before sowing. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Dig the entire area chosen for the cultivation of peppers: if the soil is being used for the first time or if it is clayey and heavy, dig to a depth of 50 cm
  2. Add sand or peat to improve drainage and reduce clay component
  3. Fertilize with mature manure 3 kg per square meter.

If you prepare the soil just before planting, you can do a deep dig by burying well-ripened compost or pelleted manure.

How to plant peppers

After sowing it will be necessary to wait for the seedling to grow and when it has put the fifth leaf, you can proceed with the transplant in the ground respecting the planting distance which provides 60 cm between the rows and 40 in the same row at a depth of 30 cm.

Irrigation should not be too excessive, but constant.

The peppers will be ready for harvesting from June to October, when the berries are the right size for the variety that has been sown.

Grow the pepper

Here are thecareto be dedicated tocultivation of peppers in potsor in the garden.

  • In case of excessive flowering proceed with a limited suppression of the flowers, in order to favor the swelling of the berries.
  • Make sure that the soil is always free of weeds, harvesting them manually so as not to damage the roots of the seedlings.
  • When the first fruits appear, sprinkle the soil with manure or slow-release fertilizer for fertilization.
  • Reduce the number of lateral branches to favor the production of larger fruits.
  • When summer arrives, place a brace next to the pepper plants to prevent excessive weight from bending them.

Variety of peppers

There are many different varieties ofsweet pepper. Thesquare pepperorAsti pepper, it is very productive and does not tend to vegetate excessively like other varieties. For these characteristics, the square pepper is the recommended variety in case of cultivation in pots or cultivation in the small garden, where the number of plants is limited due to the limited space.

The long pepper is very popular and is the one we find most commonly in the vegetable-fruit counter of the supermarket.

The horn pepper has a pointed shape, a sweet and juicy flavor and is suitable for growing in pots.

The seeds of these and other varieties of peppers are available at Garden Centers and agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of the online purchase. On all the information and photos of the variety mentioned, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

How to grow pepper in pots

For all information on thecultivation of peppers in potsI refer you to the guide:how to grow pepper in pots.

Please note: it is possible to anticipate the sowing of peppers since January, but in this case it is necessary growing pepper in a protected environment and take it outside only when the plants are adult and the danger of late frosts has ended.

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