Eco-tips for cleaning at home

Eco-tips for cleaning at home

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To make us less boring house cleaning we can think that the result will give us the possibility of being in a more comfortable environment or that cleaning they are a useful 'spiritual exercise' for our soul, as Buddhist monks think for example. Put it as you like but the house cleaning they have to be done, so let's arm ourselves with broom and tea towels and get to work. But where to start? And which products to use?

No to the abuse of chemicals. It is very wrong to think that to have a clean house you need to shower it with perfumed detergents. Indeed, chemical detergents remove dirt but can be a cause of indoor pollution and 'housewife sickness', the housewife syndrome, characterized by dermatological and respiratory disorders due to contact with harmful substances during house cleaning. In addition, detergents, if too aggressive, damage the materials and spoil the house.

Many compound products for house cleaning they can be easily replaced with a few simple products. Washes with vinegar, the very common bicarbonate, water and ammonia, lactic and citric acid detergents very well make up for the disinfectant, polishing and descaling action of any type of complex detergent. Glass, floor and tile cleaners can give way to water containing little ammonia.

There cleaning of the powder should be done with a damp cloth that is well wrung out and rinsed often, to prevent the powder from simply being moved from one place to another. Self in home serve cleaning 'Disinfectants' you can use steam appliances (excellent) with which you can reach and sterilize every nook and cranny, eliminate mites and clean all surfaces without any need for chemical detergents.

An eye for wood. Wooden floors and furniture only require periodic polishing with beeswax and the cleaning with soft cotton rags, very simple operations that will preserve its beauty by allowing the stratification of natural metamorphoses that reveal the living material of the wood and over time make it more and more beautiful and warm. Wood floors finished only in oil can be cleaned in the simplest and most effective way with pure water in which little bleach is dissolved.

Also for the cleaning of terracotta and stone floors you can avoid metallizing waxes and use the natural products mentioned above. For natural linoleum, the best periodic maintenance is oiling with linseed oil which, oxidizing naturally in contact with the air, fills any scratches. This type of treatment becomes useless if the linoleum has already been industrially treated with polyurethane films, but a floor of this type, let's face it, is not great and if you can avoid it from the beginning.

Seminato, mosaic and marble floors are distorted if they are cleaned with aggressive film-forming, stain-resistant and wear-resistant products. It may be true that they seem shinier, but apart from the fact that detergents of this type are a certain cause of pollution, the tiles lose that natural patina that increases their beauty over time. Also in this case, therefore, the rule of cleaning with simple and natural products.

If then the do the house cleaning it also means finding yourself fighting with some insects, do not be discouraged and leave insecticides alone (the worst in an environment where you live). If you find a line of ants, look for the access point and sprinkle it with talcum powder. If the house is old and infested with cockroaches it is good to observe the maxim cleaning, especially of the kitchen and sinks, and periodically sprinkle the corners with borax powder. Moths, on the other hand, are kept away by brushing the inside of wooden cabinets and drawers with a solution of propolis. Remember, however, that frequent pest control is useless, one well done in the right period is enough, that of the reproduction of insects.

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