Solar electric scooter

SES is a electric scooter solar powered. It is always interesting to watch the evolution of market segments, the advent of renewables has brought news in all sectors, electric scooters included. The list is long and the latest arrival is the electric scooter Solar Electric Scooter (SES) which stands out from the competition for the special set-up that guarantees its power supply.

SES is a electric scooter powered by solar cells. The lithium-ion battery can be recharged by simply leaving the scooter exposed to the sun. If the sky is cloudy or too dark, owners can recharge the electric scooter using a normal electrical outlet. The battery of the electric scooter SES can be removed from the chassis and recharged at home or at the nearest 120V power outlet.


According to the manufacturer of Solar Electric Scooter, it takes between 2 to 8 hours to recharge the battery of the electric scooter, depending on the means used. Other significant features of the electric scooter SES include a range of about 33 kilometers and a top speed of 25 km / h, so it's a electric scooter which meets the speed standards imposed by the European Union. The limited speed makes the transit of the electric scooter on public roads without the need for insurance, registration or other licenses.

The electric scooter SES has social implications: the manufacturing company has committed to donating $ 50 for each electric scooter sold it. The money will be given to charity to support the Erase Poverty campaigns, to fight poverty.

Normally, the price of the electric scooter SES is $ 2,100 but the company offers the first models of electric scooter solar for the price of 1,500 dollars.

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