Recycle electronic items

Recycle electronic items

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The electronic items they are made up of precious resources and materials such as metals, plastics and glass that require a lot of energy for extraction and processing. Donate or to recycle the electronic items it's much better than ditching old devices in the basement. Recycle electronic items it means conserving the planet's natural resources, thus avoiding pollution of the air, water and soil. The extraction and processing of virgin materials causes large greenhouse gas emissions, these are two highly energy-intensive processes so much so that with recycling a million laptops could save the equivalent of energy needed to meet the annual needs of over 3,500 homes.

Before to recycle our computer or laptop, let's think about it:
is it really necessary to change it? Wouldn't it be enough to do a hardware or software upgrade rather than buying a new product? If we really need a new device, we can think of donating our old ones electronic items to non-profit associations that need it. Always remember, what constitutes waste for you can be a useful object for another person!

Recycle electronic items, proper disposal
- remove the batteries from yours electronic items, these may need to be disposed of separately
- inquire about the services active in your city of residence

Each local administration has its own practices and procedures for to recycle and dispose of the electronic items, in Rome, for example, there is a free service for the home collection of electronic waste (free if the waste does not exceed 2 cubic meters of material), in Naples, ASIA has organized mobile collection centers that collect refrigerators, washing machines, televisions… Each user can deliver their electronic waste to the nearest ecological island to home.

But there are also specialized companies that are willing to pay for technological waste, such as Remedia TSR, the company of the Remedia Group, specialized in managing all the operations necessary for proper disposal: transport, treatment, recovery and environmentally compatible disposal of WEEE Professional Waste.

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