Festival of Green and Landscape

Festival of Green and Landscape

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Green in architecture is not just a conceptual creative gym for super-specialized designers, nor is it just a hobby. Here are the beliefs from which the Festival of Green and Landscape: a multi-faceted party that ranges from the most scientific themes to the typically technical aspects of maintenance.

The Festival of Green and Landscape is an event conceived by Gaia Flavia Zadra and takes place in Rome, from 17 to 19 May 2013, At the Auditorium Parco della Musica (via Piero de Coubertin).

From design to professional nursery, from the more playful activities related to plant cultivation the importance, including social, of care of the Green. All this through contests, applications and interesting exhibitions for the vast public of professionals but also simple enthusiasts.

The design aspect of the Green during the Landscape Festival will be manned by the exhibition Follie d’Autore edited by Franco Zagari in which six authors are called upon to conceive and create, in full creative freedom, each one of their own landscape installations.

Two competitions are also dedicated to the landscape: the first is entitled Creative Adventures and is aimed at landscape architects for setting up temporary gardens. The projects will be selected and evaluated by a commission chaired by Fabio Di Carlo.

The second competition is called Balconies for Rome and it is a national contest for under 30s, for the selection of nine experimental proposals for balconies in the city. In this case, the commission for the selection of projects is chaired by Franco Panzini.

The third competition, open to all, is literary: it is called Short story under the leaves and consists of two folders (60 lines) to tell about one's inner garden. From spirituality to practice: a section of the Festival of Green and Landscape is dedicated to applied gardens, real gardens created by those who do the maintenance of greenery for a living.

And for those looking for ideas for their green spaces, the Festival of Green and Landscape offers a show market dedicated to the latest trends in Green and outdoor design. Here you can buy the rarest plants from the best Italian producers and also the objects, furniture and accessories for outdoor use, the most refined artisan products and gardening courses.

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