Appliances app for conscious shopping

Refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine ... how to choose the domestic appliances at the time of purchase? How to use them in the safest and cheapest way? It would take quick help, it would take a ...Appliances App.

The point is that the instruction booklet is not enough and in any case it is consulted later, when domestic appliances have already been purchased. Something would be needed first, a quote, advice for purchases that without advertising one brand or the other would explain, for example, how you can save energy at home by choosing well domestic appliances and using them correctly.

The help comes from one App, which was not called by chance App Domestic appliances, created by the Italian Consumers Union in tandem with the Italian Institute of the IMQ Quality Mark. The idea was born from an observation: the market for domestic appliances offers increasingly innovative and performing products and it is not easy to juggle the offers to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Here then is the idea of Appliances App: a vademecum for purchasing always available (the only condition is to have a smartphone) to help consumers in choosing domestic appliances, but also to explain how to use them safely and economically. Appliances App in short, it is a guide to conscious buying.

How does it work Appliances App? The software database contains 20 home appliance data sheets that explain which models are available, how they work, how to choose them, instructions for use and even some safety tips starting with the meaning of the IMQ brand.

Inside Appliances App a domestic consumption simulator has been provided which estimates the annual expenditure relating to the consumption of electricity by individuals domestic appliances. Simply enter the power (expressed in watts and indicated in the instruction booklet), the hours of use and the cost of electricity indicated in the bill and the calculator provides an estimate of consumption (with related expense) of the chosen product. the data obtained is indicative, but represents a valid help in the management of the household.

Who can use it Appliances App? First of all, let's say that the application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store. Who can it serve? Certainly a for those who want to change household appliance, to those who are furnishing their homes or to those who just want to get to know a product better and what guarantees it offers, also from the point of view of safety.

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