Another May Day at the Social Farm

Less spreads, less banks and more sustainable agriculture for Another Primo May in Farm Social. Among the events inspired by the Labour day we report this to Cascina Bagaggera of Rovagnate, province of Lecco, Brianza, which seems to us 'differently' interesting. Here we talk about work, but also about the rediscovery of the land and a social project that tells, with grace, of new lifestyles.

Towards the Social Farm is the theme of Another May Day and also the summary of the project of Cascina Bagaggera: 25 hectares of organically grown land and a goat farm in Montevecchia and Curone Park, with modern stables built in green building and a production of bread and excellent cheeses.

Young farmers, Solidarity Purchase Groups, the circuit of WWOOF (there worldwide network of organic and biodynamic farms) and also an Association, Corimbo Onluss, for the inclusion of four young people from the placement of weak groups in a path of job training linked to agricultural projects of Cascina Bagaggera.

There Social Farm is a very topical issue and in 2012 also the the municipality of Milan (extraordinarily rich in old farmhouses that represent a cultural and economic heritage) has launched a project for the assignment of areas to be cultivated (read here) to citizens' associations. Not far away, Brianza, once the vineyard of Milan, has always been a land of farmhouses and farms.

Social Farm is also the title of the book by Eraldo Berti is Fabio Comunello (editions of Centro Studi Erickson) that Cascina Bagaggera premieres during his Another May Day. Also a film-documentary screened in the new stable, Genuine clandestine, on modern peasant resistance and on a possible alternative of life and system.

Video: Comments Reaction #9 - Authoritarian Parents (December 2021).