An Italo train in the lane at Humanitas

An Italo train in the lane at Humanitas

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Four million travelers in the first year of Italo, of which 2 million in the first 4 months of 2013. And the beauty is that even the passengers of the Freccerosse of Trenitalia they increased in 2012, a sign that Italians like traveling by train (when trains work and are comfortable).

Who had doubts about the benefits of competition, fearing that NTV it would have damaged the state company, now he can feel comfortable; and enjoy a train journey by calculating the CO₂ emissions you will have saved compared to traveling by plane or by road.

It was April 28, 2012 when Italo went down on the track (better to say ... on the tracks) introducing competition in Italy in High Speed ​​rail transport. Since then, the number of passengers is the one mentioned above (calculated as of April 28) and the train-journeys made 12,071, of which 5,586 in 2013. The loyal travelers, that is those enrolled in the ItaloPiù program, are 255,567.

The latest news is the agreement between Ntv and theHumanitas Clinical Institute from Milan to allow patients at the Milan hospital to travel at discounted prices on all Italo trains arriving and departing from the Lombard capital. In fact, there are many people, more than people think, who travel not for leisure or for work, but for treatment.

L'Humanitas Clinical Institute Milan, in particular, it is a structure of excellence that attracts thousands of patients from all over Italy and Ntv has decided to make it as easy as possible for travelers who face long journeys by using the train to start treatment programs.