The companies of Expo 2015

The companies who have formalized their partnership with Expo 2015, to date, they are Intesa Sanpaolo, Enel, Finmeccanica, Accenture, Cisco and Telecom Italia. If for Intesa Sanpaolo, Enel, Finmeccanica and Telecom Italia there is no need for any presentation, perhaps many Italians have not heard enough about companies Cisco and Accenture.

Expo 2015 it will be an event that will bring the entire globe to the heart of Milan, the programs on the agenda are many and among the most pretentious is the staging of the Digital Smart City, the company that will take care of it will be its own Cisco. The Digital Smart City project will bring wireless coverage across the city of Milan and wi-fi connectivity will be the least surprising factor: Cisco he will be able to present his program HealthPresence with stations that will allow remote medical assistance, via high-definition video and more, EnergyWise, the service that measures the energy consumption of all devices. Accenture is a company that we find in many areas of the market because it deals with business consulting, technological innovation and outsourcing services. It has over 236,000 professionals in more than 120 countries around the globe.

As is clear, Expo Milan 2015 represents for the companies a golden opportunity to present yourself to the world. If those already mentioned represent the Official Global Partners, events related to Expo 2015 they count the support of many others companies such as UniCredit, GemeazCusin Group, Pirelli, Nestlè, Bracco, Ferrarelle ... Active participation in Expo 2015 it was not denied to any company. The companies Italian or foreign can start partnerships / sponsorships with Expo Milan 2015 indeed, Expo 2015 S.pA. has some requests for proposals addressed to companies specific sectors such as agribusiness, food and nutrition, food packaging, cyber expo, sustainable building materials, waste management, advertising, travel services and much more.

The companies interested in participating in Expo 2015 they can fill out the form on the appropriate web page of the official website and receive an invitation to develop specific projects so as to become the protagonists of the next Universal Exposition.