Realization of a composter

Recycling organic waste is a responsible attitude towards the environment that also gives us the opportunity to obtain good fertilizer if you have a composter. Here's how the construction of a composter do it yourself in a simple way.

Realization of a composter, the necessary

  • 5 meters of wire mesh for 1 meter in height with the mesh of one centimeter for each node, the kind used for fences
  • sturdy iron wire
  • 3 meters say it breathable green
  • plier

Realization of a composter, the procedure

  1. Cut a meter of wire mesh and roll it to form a cylinder
  2. Fix and stop the net with the iron wire with the help of the pliers
  3. With the remaining net, cut two circles of the same diameter as the rolled one
  4. Place the first circle inside the cylinder, at a height of 50 centimeters from the base and the second circle below to prevent animals from entering
  5. Always stop the two circles with wire
  6. Cover the entire cylinder with the breathable green canvas
  7. Create a door-shaped opening in the cylinder between the base and the grid placed above to pick up the mixture
  8. Make a lid so as to close the cylinder from the top
  9. Finally, place it under a tree or somewhere not too exposed to the sun.

Compost bin maintenance

  • It is good to air the composter at least a couple of times a day: just shake it gently, just to let it take in some air
  • In the event of a bad smell, insert some dry leaves, shredded newspapers or alternatively sawdust into the composter: it will dry the residues of the wet and restore the green to brown ratio that the compost produces more quickly
  • If the content is very dry, the compost must be moistened with water or by adding citrus and fruit peels since they have a good amount of water.

Ready-to-use composter: prices and models

If the proceedings of the composter do-it-yourselfit seems too cumbersome, you can buy somecomposters"Bell" ready for use. The prices of the composters are not too prohibitive, moreover, the purchase of a composter is recommended for those who have a small garden or will use the composter at home.

On the market there are a large number of models with a capacity ranging from 80 to 900 liters.

To guide your choice, ask yourself how muchDIY compostyou want to produce and how many organic waste you have available.

For a family of 4 who intend to prepare compost only with kitchen waste, one will sufficecomposterfrom 300 liters. If, in addition to kitchen waste, you also add those from the garden, you will have to opt for acomposterof at least 400 liters, or, if you have enough space, it will be better to buy two 200-liter composters that are easier to manage and less prone to producing bad smells.

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