Sustainable McDonald's in Georgia

Often i McDonald's they are located on the motorway and alongside the refueling stations. In our culture i McDonald they are part of the urban landscape, we are used to finding them in the corners of our city, by now we consider these fast food as an anonymous reality, completely insignificant architectural structures…. but if we walk through the Republic of Georgia we can only be amazed to come across the new McDonald's! The former Soviet republic took a classic gas station with an annex McDonald's and turned it into something truly amazing.

It was designed by Georgian architect Giorgi Khmaladze, the building has an area of ​​1,200 square meters and is located in one of the districts of the seaside city of Batumi, on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. McDonald's is surrounded by greenery! These are not new walls colored with a water-based paint but real arable land!


The design of the entire structure is very special. The large windows guarantee maximum energy savings with natural lighting, moreover the structure has become an icon of the modernization of the city of Batumi.

On the one hand, the McDonald's and on the other the service station. When a car approaches the petrol pump, there is no trace of the McDonald's, the architecture does not let anything leak out, just as when a customer goes to the refreshment point, there is no clue that suggests a gas station.

Seen from above, it looks like a large glass mosaic and white panels. Inside, visitors can admire the green walls and the vegetation that covers and soundproofs the rooms creates the right tranquility for a hot meal (we hope this McDonald's will provide an organic menu!). From the ceiling, shrubs and plants are able to absorb rainwater and help regulate the temperature.


The project created in Batumi is an elegant mix of refined modern art, practicality and high efficiency. But isn't all this a bit too much for a McDonald's? We hope they will learn to serve real food ...

Video: Meet Brad, 28, Sustainability Manager (December 2021).