How to keep bees away without insecticide

How to keep bees away without insecticide

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Use a insecticide to delete the bees is the wrong move! The bees play a crucial role in food production. In many geographical areas, a decrease in these precious insects continues to be reported: a worker bee has an average life span of only 4-6 weeks. During the summer season, every day, about 2,000 worker bees leave the hive to die a natural death, because killing others with someinsecticide?

If a swarm of bees, instead of buyinginsecticide, look for a beekeeper. The bees they are not wild animals but farm animals. The beekeeper takes care of bees just like a farmer takes care of his cattle and pigs. If you have a problem with the bees, know that these are not aggressive insects, they could land on your hand without ever stinging you: if a bee stings you, it dies, so it will only use this strategy if it feels life-threatening.

It's really about bees?
Very often the bees they are confused with wasps. To turn away bees or wasps, call the information office of your municipality or your local ASL and ask for the contact details of the beekeeper closest to your home.

How to remove the bees without using any insecticide
An artisanal method to remove the bees without the aid of toxic substances, is the use of smoke. Some portals recommend using an aluminum cap - like the one used to seal jars -, fill it with a few teaspoons of coffee and set it on fire. In theory it is true, smoke drives them away bees but these, feeling threatened, will begin to fidget, so be very careful if you decide to act independently.

Why can't you use a insecticide against bees?
If common sense is not enough, there is the law to protect bees. There are sanctions for damaging the community beekeeping heritage!

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