Folding electric bikes

Urban mobility needs a sustainable change and the electric bikes they are the perfect compromise for those who want to move around the city without getting too tired. The electric bikes are spreading like wildfire and, as is the case with every growing sector, market proposals are increasing, among these we find folding electric bikes, more portable: very convenient for those traveling by train, they are easily stored in the trunk and do not take up much space in the house.

The price of folding electric bikes can fluctuate a lot, according to the "on-board technologies“, In this article we have compared some folding electric bikes starting from an “E-cycle” model of only 500 euros up to the “nCycle” vehicle which has an estimated price of 4,000 dollars. Of course there is no shortage of intermediate routes such as Compact MyWay proposed for 1,600 euros and others folding electric bikes that we will see today.

Land folding bicyclesBottecchia BEP " they are proposed in various colors, sizes and models. The version electric with frame 20 ″ lithium ion battery 24V 10 AH 600 life cycles and charger from 220W - 24 V, it has a weight of about 22 kg and is offered on ebay at a price of about 1000 euros.

There folding electric bike shown in the photo above, it is an Armoni H12103, has a 250W electric motor and a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a range of 30 km. Like all electric bikes marketed in Italy, the maximum speed is 25 km / h. The wheels are 20 ″ aluminum and the weight is about 30 kg. The Armony Folding Electric Bike can be purchased online and from authorized dealers at a price of around 690 euros.

Those who do not like shopping online, or prefer to see some models live electric bikes, can go to Decathlon. Often, this dealer has several on display electric bikes, as they can be found in the windows of "Meter".

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