Eco-friendly cars on display at EOS

An 'x-ray' of the Peugeot 3008 with the world's first hybrid diesel

If you think that the ecological car is a niche thing or an eco-chic habit, take a trip to the fair EOS - Exposition of Sustainanility, on the calendar a Udine from 17 to 19 May. You realize that that of the sustainable mobility it is a lively market in which innovation pushes an offer that is ever wider and closer to the needs of customers-consumers.

Speaking of cars, the starting point is i vehicles 100% electric for the urban mobility but do not forget the hybrid cars and the methane car (to EOS you will see many) since both of these two mobility options (not just urban) allow you to save money with the environmental benefits deriving fromabatement of emissions.

For information, European legislation defines low-emissivity vehicles those that produce quantities of CO₂ / Km lower than 100gr. A'electric car (considering the indirect emissions for the production of the recharge) it travels around 60-61g of CO₂ / Km, without emitting exhaust gases. The methane utility vehicles of the latest generation produce 79 g of CO Km / Km (and do not emit particulates).

The main limitation of the electric and hybrid vehicles it's related to battery life and refueling opportunities, but things are changing here too. In fact a EOS you will also be able to see the new charging systems proposed by Area 20: one for electric vehicles and another for methane vehicles that exploits the gas of the local network allowing refuel without going to the distributor.

In the section of EOS Exposition of Sustainanility dedicated to sustainable mobility, all the latest innovations from the world's leading manufacturers of low-emission vehicles will be present. Here is a quick rundown.

Area 20 (the same as the charging systems) presents an absolute preview of an electric microcar, still top secret. Designed for urban use, it will be launched shortly at a price below 10,000 euros.

Renault presents the Electric Kangoo and the brand new Zoe city car. The latter has an autonomy of 210 km and an accelerated charging system with which 80% of the battery is recharged in one hour via a public column.

Nissan point up Leaf, electric car with a range of 175 km. The vehicle uses lithium-ion batteries with a recyclability rate of over 95%.

Peugeot presents three vehicles: iOn, a 100% electric solution that offers the possibility to recharge the battery by 50% in 15 minutes and by 80% in 30 minutes; and the 3008 HYbrid 4 together with the all-road 508 RXH that mount the world's first diesel hybrid (the electric motor is in the rear and enables 4 × 4 traction).

Toyota presents the Prius Plug-In, a hybrid car with a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged using the home network in an hour and a half to travel up to 25 km in electric mode.

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