Hops, beer and vegetable garden

I knew there are many types of beer (I confess I'm not a connoisseur) but I didn't know that beer is good not only to drink and that you can have lots of useful things with it, for example the vegetable garden. Then I saw the program of Horticultural, the market exhibition of green lyfe which will take place in Milan from 10 to 12 May and a world has opened up to me. Now I understand that I want to know more about beer (starting with some good tastings) and I will deepen the subject.

Self AssoBirra, the Italian association of beer producers, has chosen to be present in Orticola because beer has more than one thing that binds it to the passion for the vegetable garden, or rather with the organic style of gardening, in the field and in the garden but also on the balcony or terrace in the city.

To begin with, and here we come to practical things, with the hop (which is one of the basic ingredients of beer) can be created quickly splendid pergolas as an alternative to ivy or wisteria. Keep an eye on it though: hops reach up to 8 meters in height and are the fastest growing plant on earth (up to 10 cm per day).

Some other things you can do with beer in the garden or in the garden they are: giving a sip of beer from time to time to geraniums to make them grow more lush and strong; dab the leaves of the plants with a cotton wool soaked in beer to give shine; encourage the formation of new buds on roses by adding brewer's yeast to water for watering.

But that's not all, beer is also a natural pesticide versus snails is slugs: if you fill a container with beer and bury it to the brim, the snails, attracted by the smell of beer, will fall inside and will not be able to get out; in the morning you will find the snails still alive, perhaps just a little tipsy, and you can move them easily.

And then with beer you can also brew a home-made natural fertilizer. As? Jumbled up the amount of a can of beer with a cup of ammonia, a cup of English salt and two cups of water: you will get a natural fertilizer to spray on the plants to make them grow luxuriant and strong.

What else to add? Take a sip of good beer (Italian industrialists only produce it GMO-Free) and let's see a Orticola in Milan from 10 to 12 May. The demonstration, they tell me, will smell of beer.

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