How to water plants indoors

How to water plants indoors

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Watering houseplants would seem like a trivial operation, yet there are some precautions to be respected if we want to make sure they grow luxuriantly. Let's see in detail how to water plants indoors.

How to know when to water?
For example, to know if the plant needs water, just put a finger in the soil of the pot at a depth of 2 centimeters: if the earth is damp, do not give water to prevent the roots from rotting and to prevent the formation of mold.
If the soil around the potted plant looks dusty and tends to come off the sides of the pot, it is time to water.
Even observing the leaves can help us understand if it needs water: if you see signs of withering, the plant is certainly thirsty.

How to water plants indoors, the directions

  • If you water with tap water, let it rest in the watering can for a day: in this way the limestone will remain on the bottom but be careful, do not use all the water, throw away what remains on the bottom
  • If it snows, collect some: the resulting water is excellent for watering since it is similar to demineralized water
  • If you have boiled the eggs, keep the water for watering: it is rich in minerals
  • If it is bulbous, always water from underneath: just fill the kitchen sink or the bathtub with a little water and put the pot inside for about half an hour
  • Spray the leaves often, especially in winter, when heating makes the air particularly dry

How to water plants indoors, before leaving on vacation
If you go on vacation for a few days (no more than a week), place bricks in the bathtub, cover them well with water and place the pots on top: the bricks absorb the water and transmit it to the plants
Alternatively, you can put old towels in the tub with a few fingers of water and place the pots on them: the plants will absorb the water they need. If on your return you notice that a plant is particularly dry and suffering, you will have to immerse the pot for about 1 hour in a bucket with water at room temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: it is good to underline that the water requirement varies according to the type of plant, therefore follow the instructions of an expert.

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