Natural fertilizers: the innovation of Bio Aksxter

Natural fertilizers: the innovation of Bio Aksxter

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THE fertilizers they are products used for the necessary improvement of soil fertility and crop productivity. They arise from the recycling of various types of waste, whether deriving from industrial rather than agricultural or livestock production or from the use of chemicals.

The innovation of Bio Aksxter®, on the other hand, it is based on the reproduction of natural processes because it provides crops and soils with energy that is useful for strengthening the plant's program and for the microbiological rebalancing of the soil.

Today, in modern agriculture, the mere contribution of substances more or less suitable for the various crops cannot be enough. Bio Aksxter® and the depolluting fertilizer which programs the balance of plant and soil, making huge amounts of energy available for all vital processes (nutrition, respiration, metabolism, photosynthesis, autoimmune defense, etc.)

The innovative natural fertilizer Bio Aksxter® was conceived using advanced technology developed by researcher Alessandro Mendini, achieving the goal of providing energy to the soil and plants for carrying out primary natural processes such as micro-combustion, catalyzing and formation of vital structures. In this way crops and land are strengthened, increasing production in quality and quantity.

We propose below the video interview with prof. Mario Tozzi, geologist, well-known scientific popularizer and journalist, host of several television programs, including Gaia - The Living Planet, Third Planet, The Gaia Science and Atlantis:

As Prof. Tozzi explains, “Bio Aksxter® is a natural fertilizer of very high yield but it is above all a product that has a completely different basic philosophy from that of chemical fertilizers, which have produced ecological disasters on a global scale.

It is a special product for those who grow, but also for those who produce food and, more generally, for all plants, including those in public parks, villas or private gardens, up to potted plants on the terrace of the house.

Bio Aksxter® it's the sweet revolution, perfectly eco friendly, of the present and of the future, which allows a significant increase in productivity, potential and general characteristics of all plant products. In reality it is not a fertilizer like the others or a simple fertilizer, but something more. The special type of production and the over 100 mineral elements in solution constitute a kind of elixir for the plant world.

And there are neither pesticides nor any type of chemical fertilizer, configuring the product as perfectly sustainable from an environmental point of view.”

Video: Il fagiolo (July 2022).


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