How to clean the microwave, natural remedies

How to clean the microwave, natural remedies

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The microwave it is an appliance widely used in the kitchen; can bring any food to cooking, even frozen, in a faster way than the classic means: a lunch can be brought to the table in a few minutes, for the benefit of the time that today is an increasingly precious good! To ensure the efficiency of the microwave it is necessary to keep it clean; the best methods to degrease and clean it are those that involve the use of natural products. In this regard we will illustrate you how to clean the microwave effectively with products that are easily available at home.

How to clean the microwave, natural remedies
The microwave should always be kept clean as cooked or heated foods tend to splash and grease the walls. What products can we use for its cleaning?

White vinegar
White vinegar always represents our best domestic ally. To clean the microwave, get a container that can be suitable for the microwave and pour half a liter of water with 200 ml of vinegar. Place the container in the microwave then turn on the appliance for 5 minutes at a medium temperature so that the steam created will soften the deposits on the walls. Remove the container and wipe the inside of the oven with a clean microfiber cloth soaked in a solution based on water and vinegar.

Lemon is also an excellent natural degreaser. Just cut the citrus fruit in half and put the 2 halves in a plate of suitable material with the cut side facing down. Add a couple of tablespoons of water and place it in the microwave. Turn on the appliance and leave the dish inside for about a minute at a high temperature. Remove the plate and clean the oven walls always with a microfibre cloth soaked in a solution of water and vinegar.

How can we forget about our precious baking soda, a powerful ally in housework. In this case you will need to get a bowl, fill it halfway with water and add 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Put in the oven for 2 minutes at high temperature before proceeding to cleaning the microwave as illustrated in the previous paragraphs.

PLEASE NOTE: metal containers should never be placed inside the microwave.

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