Greenhouses for the winter, which one to choose

Greenhouses for the winter, which one to choose

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Thegreenhouses for the winterthey allow us to protect the plants from the cold and, if properly heated, to grow vegetables out of season.

Those who grow ornamental plants know how sensitive they can be to frost and drafts. Before resorting to the purchase of onewinter greenhousecan evaluate some alternatives:

  • Non-woven fabric
    Together with plastic, it is one of the materials used to protect crops from the cold. It can be molded, doubled indefinitely (multiple layers of non-woven fabric can be laid), it is more breathable than classic plastic and allows light to pass in certain sizes.
  • Greenhouse tunnel and tunnel
    Existgreenhousessmall or at a man's height. Those who prefer can build a tunnel from spun iron and plastic sheeting, those who need more solid and larger structures will have to choose the purchase of galvanized prefabricated buildings. The do-it-yourself tunnel is a garden structure built with a series of arches covered by a heavy plastic sheet that can be lifted at the front for harvesting vegetables and for ventilation. It is very economical.
  • Veranda
    Who has a porch, first buy one winter greenhousecould consider using this space for growing plants in the coldest periods of the year.
  • Prefabricated verandas
    On the market there are the so-calledsummer-invenro verandas, typically made with solid steel reinforced PVC structures. Prefabricated verandas can be installed in the garden in central positions or placed against a wall of the house. Depending on the choice of windows and domes, verandas can retain more or less heat.
  • Prefabricated house with greenhouse
    This solution provides a basic expense of 1000 euros and offers a shelter for tools appropriately associated with a garden greenhouse. The price for a prefabricated house with greenhouse measuring 372 cm x 263 cm fluctuates a lot depending on the manufacturer but on average it can amount to 1,500 euros.

Greenhouses for the winter

They exist on the marketgreenhouses for the winterwith masonry base, minimal greenhouses with few shelves, garden greenhouses Very elegant, greenhouses for the terrace or the simplestgarden greenhousesmade of aluminum.


Aluminum greenhouses
Usually they provide an opening on the roof for ventilation and preparation on the base for anchoring to the ground; it is preferable to choose one garden greenhouse with the parts that come into contact with the ground galvanized. For small and medium-sized gardens, you can take a look at the Viola and Margherita models from the manufacturer Alce Twig.

Small greenhouses for balconies and small gardens
It is aboutwinter greenhouseswith few shelves and steel grill. These mini greenhouses are very cheap and the cost is limited to 35 - 80 euros.

You can see otherswinter greenhousesin our photo gallery: Garden greenhouses


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