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Cauliflower nutritional and beneficial properties

The cauliflower, a typical winter vegetable, it has a beneficial effect on health thanks to its nutritional properties. Due to its low caloric content (25 kcal / 100 g) and its high satiating power, cauliflower is also indicated in slimming diets.

Cauliflower properties nutritional
Rich in vitamins and minerals, cauliflower is a healthy and balanced vegetable, essential in any type of diet. In fact, they contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, vitamin C.
Like all vegetables, cabbage also loses part of its contents during cooking, so it is preferable to eat it raw. In any case, its cooking water can be used for therapeutic purposes: according to experts it would be effective against eczema and generic inflammations.

Cauliflower properties beneficial
The beneficial actions are innumerable, first of all that of strengthening the immune defenses, given the abundant presence of vitamins.
According to experts, cauliflower would be effective against diabetes, it seems that its properties are able to control blood sugar levels. According to some American studies, cauliflower would help prevent colon cancer and ulcer and cure anemia.
Drinking or taking cabbage juice has beneficial actions for the body and specifically:
2 glasses a day would help the body fight fatigue, diabetes, flu, anemia, depression and nervousness.
About 3 glasses a day would be effective against gastric ulcer and gastritis.
To prepare it, just put it in the centrifuge, dilute it with water and a little honey.

Cauliflower in the kitchen
When buying, make sure that it is tightly closed, compact, with a firm inflorescence and without spots. The external leaves must be crunchy and adherent to the head: a firm and compact flower, with tightly closed florets, is a sign of freshness; the slightly blackened surface indicates a prolonged conservation.
Cauliflowers are boiled or steamed, au gratin, made into mousse or used as a condiment for pasta. They can be preserved raw in vinegar and if they are particularly fresh and tender, they can be eaten raw.

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