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Friendly tree? Yes, of those who remain children

A friendly tree of a child is the protagonist of "The tree", together with the child friend of the tree. They fall in love with each other to tell the story of an exchange of gifts in a magical register. A friendly tree it is a strange thing, but perhaps not so strange for a child who looks at the world with new eyes, eyes that we can always return to have if we want.

A friendly tree gives its fruits. A friendly tree let it play with its branches. A friendly tree it shelters with its shadow when the sun is strong. A friendly tree it is always there, unchanging and available. And the baby? He does not remain a child and from his friendly tree begins to demand a lot, a lot and too much. Enough to break the balance and move it away from'Friendly tree he had grown up with.

A sad book, "The tree"?

No, Salani Editore publishes a book full of good and bad emotions, a book on'Friendship that is transformed and, telling what happens to thefriend tree, explains that there are few who know how to love through all stages of life. L'friendly tree he remains friends with the child even with the grown child. But is the other way around?

The fate that Shel Silverstein chooses for his friendly tree it is controversial and there are many interpretations of the links between man and nature that the book communicates. One thing for sure is that there is love, unconditional love, on the part of the tree, fickle and more "interested" love on the part of the baby boy that grows page after page. The sadness that hovers in leafing through "The tree" leads to one immense final happiness in which thefriendly tree he is completely rewarded for his constancy in loving so "naturally".

The tree, by Shel Silverstein, translated by D. Gamba (Salani Editore) is available online for 8.33 Euros.
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