Photovoltaic butterfly roof

Photovoltaic butterfly roof

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Thebutterfly roof, also saidinverted roof, has the classic form ofV.and within thebioclimatic architectureand in home automation, is proposed as an innovative cover capable of integrating different systems designed to maximize the efficiency of the building until the performance of thepassive house. The shape of thebutterfly roofgoes well with thephotovoltaic.

Butterfly roof, the materials of efficiency
Thebutterfly roofit can be built as a roof in laminated wood, in steel and triple glazing, in highly insulating plastic panels and, above all, it can incorporatephotovoltaic panels.

The functions of thebutterfly roofthey are many. To begin with, with thebutterfly roofincreases the height of the walls facing west and east, which could strategically consist of triple-glazed windows. In this way the room becomes very bright and panoramic by maximizing the use of natural light in those rooms that could be used as an office, reading room, kitchen, gym or dining room.

It can help collect and store rainwater in order to contribute to achieving water self-sufficiency. In addition, with the use of stairs they can be obtainedlight wellswhich, if equipped with special ventilation openings, can optimize natural internal ventilation. Thebutterfly roofit can contribute to the production of hot air which can be easily conveyed to the rooms below by means of fans powered by solar power, in fact the surface of thebutterfly roofit is perfect to accommodate technologyphotovoltaicor thesolar thermal.

Photovoltaic butterfly roof
Abutterfly roofincreases the overall efficiency of thephotovoltaic roof. How? Thanks to the particular arrangement of thesolar panels. Thephotovoltaic butterfly roofwith main axisNorth South features two rows of solar panels that face each other along the central axis.

The row of photovoltaic panels to the east it faces west - with a variable inclination of 45 or 65 ° -. The row of photovoltaic panels to the west, on the contrary, it faces east. In this way, part of the light is reflected towards the opposite panel and vice versa, so as to increase the overall efficiency of the entirephotovoltaic roof.

In Chicago we are talking aboutroofs with wingsto emphasize this system that makes the most of solar energy combined with the use of natural lighting and ventilation.

Butterfly roof, advantages
In summary:

  • It reduces the use of artificial light
  • It contributes to domestic water saving
  • Helps natural ventilation
  • It increases the overall efficiency of a photovoltaic roof

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