Agricultural jobs: a bonus for hiring

Agricultural jobs: a bonus for hiring

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In the agricultural works there is more space for those under 35. And despite the negative forecasts coming from the US on the employment potential of the agricultural sector (see the bottom of the article), agriculture in Italy is confirmed as a job opportunity for young people.

A help is also given by the 'hiring bonus' (it is terrible but in the official documents it is written just like that) intended for companies that enter under 35 for agricultural works with a permanent or fixed-term contract as long as it is written in writing (never like today verba volant scripta manent…).

The opportunity is part of the decree law 91/2014 competitiveness and growth (Article 5) through a fund for incentives for hiring young people agricultural workersIt is intended for entrepreneurs who guarantee a job for at least three years and with a minimum of 102 working days a year.

They can be financed with the bonus for i agricultural works the hires made by 30 June 2015 and those already made starting from 1 July 2014. But be careful ...

With the aim of avoiding the 'tricks' a somewhat complex mechanism has been inserted: so that the bonus agricultural works must not be returned to the State, there must be a net increase in employment between the days worked in the individual years following the recruitment and those worked in the year preceding the recruitment, including in the calculation the subsidiaries or headed companies, also through a third party, to the same subject. Controls will be strict.

How much is the bonus agricultural works? The decree law establishes that the incentive is equal to one third of the taxable salary for social security purposes for a total period of 18 months and that it can be used in compensation with contributions based on the duration of the contract: six months after the first year of employment , six months after the second year and six after the third.

Who comes first… The bonus agricultural works agricultural entrepreneurs who submit applications will be granted the rule with the provisions and according to the order of presentation of the applications. However and in any case until resources are exhausted. To ask for the bonus, in any case, it is necessary to wait for the Inps circular which will also specify the electronic method for making the request.

We said at the beginning of the negative US predictions about the future of agricultural works. The source is the site, according to which within eight years there will be a 19% reduction in jobs in agriculture (in the US) due to the development of technologies. The site also says that a farmer in America earns an average of $ 69,300 a year, compared with 37,000 for reporters.

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