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Energy saving with fixtures

Energy saving with fixtures

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Energy saving with fixtures: according to the tools made available to resellers of fixtures, even by replacing only 5 standard windows (1.23 x 1.48 m in size), it would be possible save, every year, at least 500 euros on the cost of heating! This projection is not so far from reality if we consider homes built over 15 years ago, when thethermal insulation was completely underestimated and for the construction of doors andwindowssimple glass was used.

Energy saving with fixtures,Premise
When designing an ecological house, thefixturesplay an important role. L'thermal insulationof a building is not just about walls and ceiling, doors and windows wellisolated they must not miss the appeal; that's why we often hear about insulation of the fixtures, double glazing, photovoltaic windows and insulated doors.

A sustainable homeit leaves no room for heat loss, ensuring maximum efficiency of all domestic air heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Forisolate the fixturesit is not necessary to intervene on the entire house: in most cases, the replacement of the old windows takes place without any masonry work. Even double-glazed windows, if not properly insulated, involve a loss of energy ranging from 3 to 5 times higher than the most modern onesfixturesthermally insulated.

ThePVC fixtureslatest generation, not only guarantee high performanceheat-insulating, are suitable for ensuring a high transmittance of solar energy from the outside to the inside so as to take full advantage of natural lighting.

The investment to purchase new windows and doors - which in jargon are called "low-emissivity fixtures“- is amortized in a short time thanks to the consequent reduction in energy consumption.

The intervention is highly recommended when starting from single glazed windows. The new fixtures to be installed must have a Ug value equal to or less than 1.1 W / m2K. Fixtures with excellent thermal insulation performance come to concentrate in a thickness of 40 mm, thermal insulation performance equal to Ug 0,6 W / m2K.

Please note:
the “U” value expresses the unitary thermal transmittance coefficient of the window in W / m²K. The lower the value, the higher the thermal insulation performance of the frame and consequently the higher the energy savings.

Energy saving with fixtures, insulating windows
The fixtures currently on the market they are quite efficient in terms of thermal insulation. Double or triple glazed windows, insulating materials such as PVC and aluminum ... Thanks to the use offixtureswell insulated, it is possible to increase the economic value of the home.

Energy saving with fixtures, the glass brick
It is a particular onecoatingproposed by a young Italian company and specially developed to guarantee the bestthermal insulationand energy efficiency: some models integrate a photovoltaic cell capable of producing energy.

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