SBskin glass brick, the intelligent photovoltaic coating

SBskin glass brick, the intelligent photovoltaic coating

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Photovoltaic coatings offer maximum architectural integration and could be the flagship of an ecological home. Thephotovoltaic coating designed by the Italian startup SBskin aims to combine the transparency of glass with the ability to produce electricity typical ofphotovoltaic panels.

When it comes tophotovoltaic coatingsrefers tosolar covers, adhesive photovoltaic tapes, dichroic coatings, ceramic photovoltaic plates or even walkable photovoltaic tiles. The sector is booming and that of the group of researchers of the Italian Startup SBskin is yet another example.

SBskin - Smart Building Skin, was born from the initiative of a group of young researchers from the University of Palermo. The team wants to take advantage of a new kind ofglass bricksto the cladding of buildings. The peculiarity of the glass brick “units” lies in their interior: they integrate third generation solar cells (DSC).

Sbskin aims to develop and market translucent components such as e panelscoatingsfor buildings, made with the innovative glass brick. Buildings, even newly built ones, are very far from being energy efficient, Sbskin's goal is to optimize the energy performance of buildings while enhancing their aesthetics.

Thephotovoltaic coatingwith Vetromattino it would be able, in one fell swoop, to guarantee thermal insulation and produce energy, reducing construction costs. The glass bricks proposed by SBskin - Smart Building skin, are completely customizable both in terms of color, transparency and design.

The technology developed by researchers at the University of Palermo has already attracted the attention of several events; among the various awards, the Startup SBskin - Smart Buildign skin, thanks to its glass brick, won the first prize at the UK Trade InvestmentBright Future Ideas Awords,as a company with the greatest propensity for internationalization.

Photovoltaic coating: the glass brick
The glass blocks ofSBskinthey are already reality. This innovative building product comes in three forms:
- a first more essential form without photovoltaic cells, developed for thermal insulation: glass block modified by means of a thermal belt in plastic material and equipped with high thermal insulation values, for external installations (facades and roofs).
- a second form with third generation solar cells: photovoltaic glass brick, integrated with third generation solar cells (DSC), for outdoor installations (facades and roofs).
- a third form that, in addition to having the photovoltaic component, can guarantee maximum energy efficiency thanks to the thermal belt that maximizes the insulation of the building: photovoltaic and highly insulating glass brick, equipped with a thermal belt in plastic material and integrated with solar cells third generation (DSC), for external installations (facades and roofs).

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