Recycled cardboard furniture, from the shop to DIY

Recycled cardboard furniture, from the shop to DIY

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Thecardboardpop up everywhere! The objects we buy come with cardboard or plastic packs, both materials can be recycled in a conventional way or with completely creative methods! THEfurniture made of recycled cardboardthey are a tangible proof of human creativity, they are resistant, eco-sustainable and in their movements, they do not scratch walls or floors.

Recycled cardboard furniture,advantages

  • Recycled and recyclable = eco-sustainable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Long duration
  • Ideal for temporary stands, shops or pavilions
  • Ideal for furnishing the children's bedroom as well as the living room or guest room


Recycled cardboard furniture, Warnings

  • Lot ofcardboard furniturethey are made with virgin material, are "recyclable" and not made of recycled cardboard. Find out well before purchasing.
  • THEfurniture made of recycled cardboardthey are not suitable for outdoor furniture
  • THEfurniture made of recycled cardboardthey are not waterproof so they are not suitable for bathroom or kitchen furnishings
  • Most ofcardboard furniture water resistant has undergone an anti-ecological or even toxic waterproofing process. Once again, inform yourself well before purchasing.

With therecycled cardboardit is possible to produce desks, round tables, dressers, bedside tables, shelves, chairs, sofas, beds, stools, wardrobes… practically everything!


The production offurniture made of recycled cardboardit's a practice "relatively"modern, carried out by large companies, small artisans, designers and DIY lovers. To make arecycled cardboard cabinetit is necessary to compact as much as possible the different layers of cardboard used in order to obtain a solid product. If companies use presses, they can be obtained in the homefurniture made of recycled cardboardwith folding and cutting techniques. Who wants to buildfurniture in recycled cardboardit can proceed independently from the collection of the cardboard, or, alternatively, it can rely on the ready-to-use kits available on the market.


For those who believe that icardboard furniturenot durable or resistant, we invite you to watch the short video below. The video was made byKartonwhich, among other things, provides DIY kits and tutorials that explain how to fold, overlap, glue and compose sheets of cardboard to createfurniture. The Karton designers give life to an alternative and ecological way of using cardboard packaging and containers by producing bookcases, bed frames, tables, bedside tables and many other pieces of furniture.

Video: DIY: Cardboard Furniture: Cardboard Shoe shelf Rustic looks: (August 2022).