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LED lamps, buying guide

LED lamps, buying guide

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The first tips we give you to save on your electricity bill see the protagonists lamps to LED. The savings obtained with the LED lamps justifies the higher cash outlay at the time of purchase. The LED lamps I'mlow consumption lamps last generation. The LED lamps, by their nature, they provide a light beam that does not overheat the environment. The increase in the yield of LED lamps has an excellent environmental impact: thesavings guaranteed energy reaches and exceeds 80%, based on the model of LED lamp chosen.

The price of LED lamps
At first the LED lamps have entered the market with totally unsustainable prices! Today, the different manufacturers offer LED lamps accessible, for example Una LED bulb Samsung, with E27 bulb and which consumes 10.8 W of power and emits 810 lumens of white light, is offered on the web at a price of 17 euros. For prices and gains in terms of energy efficiency, we refer you to the article about LED bulbs for the home. Among the more expensive models on the market there are those with wireless control, an example is the Philips LED lamp with remote management; Philips offers a wide range of LED lamps intended for every need.

The LED lamps compared to halogen bulbs
The LED lamps it's low consumption light bulbs par excellence, so if there are no doubts in terms of energy efficiency, perplexities can arise over the entire life cycle: even by comparing the life cycle of a light bulb halogen with the duration of one LED lamp, technology a LED would be a winner! LEDs maintain 70 percent of the initial light output even after 50,000 hours of use. If one light bulb it still maintains 70 percent of its light intensity and is still able to perform its function, in fact, if this decrease does not create excessive annoyance, the LED bulb it can be used up to the complete loss of its brightness, estimated in 100,000 hours, according to EN50107 standards. Considering 8 hours of average daily operation throughout the year, a LED lamp will last about 17 years while one light bulb halogen is destined to retire within two to three years.

The advantages of LED bulbs in the house
ALED bulbwhich consumes 10.8 W of power and emits 810 lumens of white light, would replace the light bulbs that in home consume 60 W! With only 3.6W of power, the same brightness (250 lumens) emitted by one is guaranteed light bulb of 25 W.

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