Electric columns, where are they in Italy?

Electric columns, where are they in Italy?

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With January, 6,500 euros of eco-incentives arrive on the purchase of each electric car, but the Italians, where should they fill up? Estimates predict a total of 3.8 million electric cars that will circulate on the roads of our country within the next eight years. The eco-incentives are there, the car manufacturers are ready to supply the boot dealers, but how are we charging points?

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The Authority for Electricity and Gas has given the go-ahead to a series of concessions for setting up about a thousand columns in nine regions of Italy. The construction will have to take place by 2015 but for the next three years, where will the Italians fill up with electricity? If initiatives such as those of the Municipality of Parma are excluded, private individuals will have to think about setting up suitable infrastructures for electric vehicle charging. In the honesty of the Zero Emission City the Municipality of Parma has ordered the installation of as many as 300 charging columns scattered throughout the territory, but not all cities are so lucky, so let's take a look at the projects of some of the companies active in the sustainable mobility.

A first agreement was signed a few months ago between REV and ABB Italia which aim at the industrialization of charging columns. REV is the new company of the Repower group and was established with the aim of providing services for the electric mobility. Italians will have to rely on realities such as REV or smaller organized providers.


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