Estonia, the first fast charging network for EV

L'Estonia is the first country in the world to have installed a national system of fast charging stations for electric vehicles. The system was installed in order to speed up the diffusion process of electric cars in the country. L'Estonia aims to reduce the CO2 emissions working on the country's transport network.

The system consists of 165 quick recharge columns. The stations were manufactured and installed by the engineering company ABB. The installation and construction of each charging column was financed by the Estonian government through the sale of 10 million “state concessions” of CO2 emissions, the Japanese group Mitsubishi Corporation bought the CO2 quotas.

According to the agreement entered into between the Mitsubishi Corporation Japan and the Republic of Estonia, Estonian motorists are entitled to a subsidy plan for the purchase of electric cars, in addition, the Japanese car manufacturer itself has provided a total of 5.00 electric vehicles intended for the Estonian government.

The charging columns they were installed at a distance of less than 60 kilometers from each other so as to ensure total coverage of the entire Baltic territory. According to the technical data sheets of charging points, a motorist will be able to recharge 90 percent of his car's battery in less than 30 minutes. The cost of each single top-up can vary between 2.50 and 5 euros. Just as it works for phone charges, motorists will be granted a unlimited refills for a monthly payment of 30 euros.

"The time has now come to step on the accelerator to advance in electric mobility - explained Jarmo Tuisk, head of the installation project of the charging stations - We have shown that there is a concrete possibility of setting up a network of centers throughout the country, that there is no technological barrier to prevent it

Currently, there are 619 in Estonia electric cars, of which 500 are those of the state fleet supplied by the Mitsubishi Corporation. The number of electric cars in circulation in the Estonian Republic is destined to rise in record time.

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