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Battery brushcutter: when is it convenient?

Towards a battery brush cutter you have the same doubts that you have about an electric vehicle: will it be powerful enough? And autonomy? And how long will the battery last? With this article we hope to give you some useful information to clarify your ideas a little.

The first thing to know for the benefit of battery-powered brushcutters is that in the field of accumulations great progress has been made and with the technology of lithium-ion IoLi today we build batteries capable of delivering good power, guaranteeing autonomy and with a useful life of several charging cycles.

If we take for example Neumann's Mission model, one of the most recent battery-powered brushcutters presented on the market, we have a power of 40V, which is not bad, a declared autonomy of an hour and a half (with the battery recharging in an hour) noise reduced to a tenth compared to an equivalent model with a burst and less weight in exercise.

Other indisputable advantages of a battery brush cutter are the economy of operation (electric charging costs less than a full tank of petrol or mixture) and almost zero emissions, which in the 'green' practice of gardening is a good thing.

We say 'almost zero' because there is always a minimum impact even in the case of vehicles or electric tools, but incomparable to that of tools equipped with an internal combustion engine. Do you think the polluting emissions of a grass trimmer petrol engines are equal to those of 11 Euro 5 cars. It means that using a tool of this type for an hour is like standing in a queue behind a car for 10 hours with the engine running.

But we always talk about equipment for hobby use. Even a little more if we want to force our hand, but a battery brush cutter it is not a tool for professionals or for those who have to 'deal' with uncultivated land, shrubs and similar obstacles. Hardly on a tool of this type you can mount a very thick wire and even less a blade.

In our article Electric brushcutter: opinions and advice we have summarized the opinions of some experts and, while noting that they actually exist brushcutters electrical appliances classified for professional use, everyone agrees that power remains a limit for i battery-powered brushcutters when it comes to extreme uses. Some go so far as to make 'personal' modifications to increase the power, but we are in the field of examples not to be imitated.

The battery-powered brushcutter it wins hands down on points when it comes to home gardening, which can also mean several square meters of garden. Do you want to put the advantage of not breathing exhaust fumes and not disturbing the neighbors when you are at work? Of being able to do without headphones (check the db though) and not having to keep fuel tanks in the garage? Fatigue also decreases because an electric motor weighs less than an internal combustion engine and has fewer vibrations.

Just don't fool yourself that a battery brush cutter do it all by yourself. It is not a garden robot and you will always have to handle it. Another thing: do not take the batteries under your breath. These objects that are becoming more and more numerous in our daily life are containers of energy, even a lot in some cases, and their danger should not be underestimated.

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Video: STIHL FSA 65 Battery Powered Trimmer Demonstration (January 2022).