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Tetto Verde, how are we in Italy?

Tetto Verde, how are we in Italy?

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In Europe, thebuildingswithgreen roof.In Germany, as early as 2011 it was estimated that 10% ofroofsthey weregreen. In Australia and Switzerland, in 2012 municipal or state incentives were introduced for the construction of agreen roof. In Italy, green roofs are not widespread but progress can be seen in the far north. In the photo above you can see abuildingof Cannero Riviera, in the Piedmont area, 10 km from the Swiss border. The trend comes to Italy from central Europe and will gradually reach the lower regions of the boot.

To set up agreen roofon abuildingit is necessary to use a solution similar to that proposed by Pratotetto, in more specific terms it will be necessary to have various layers:


- the deepest layer is given by a waterproofing membrane. The materials used for the realization of the layer in close contact with theroof of the buildingthey are rubber, bitumen, PVC, polyolefin, ethylene propylene or ethylene polypropylene.
-a protective layer given by paints based on synthetic polymers
-a draining layer able to convey rainwater and use it when needed. This water reserve, with the drying of the surface soil, will tend to rise by capillarity, fueling the growth of the covergreen. The materials used for this third layer are gravel and polystyrene or, alternatively, the classic expanded clay.
- the fourth layer is given by the classic non-woven fabric that will allow the selective passage of water between the draining layer and the ground. Given the selectivity of the geotextile, this layer is defined as "filtering".
-the fifth layer is the one visible from the surface, we are talking about the growth substrate. This layer is mainly made up of elements of volcanic origin combined with compost, soil, sand and peat.


In the photo, a green roof of Cannero Riviera (VB)

Video: Installazione composito drenante TENAX DP1 per giardino pensile (July 2022).


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