How to grow celery in pots

How to grow celery in pots

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The cultivation of celery does not require special skills. To prepare an excellent centrifuge, for pinzimonio or to add to sauces and meat sauce or for the preparation of broths, thecelery from ribs it is one of the most used and appreciated aromatic vegetables in the kitchen. Those who do not have a garden should not despair, it is precisely for these people that we will see todayhow to grow celery in pots.

How to grow celery in pots, the necessary

  • A 16-18 cm diameter vase
  • Universal soil mixed with 10-15 percent sand
  • Seedling with ground bread or seeds

How to grow celery in pots, the procedure with the seedling with earthen bread
Once you have purchased the plant from a nursery, just bury it at the height of the ground bread by placing it in a vase with a diameter of 16-18 cm. Each seedling must have soil mixed with sand. Constant irrigation must be followed throughout the vegetation period.

How to grow celerystarting from the seed
The sowing must be carried out in cellular containers filled with soil for sowing and placing 2-4 seeds in each alveolus, these must be covered with a very thin layer of soil, about 1-2 mm. To facilitate germination, place the containers outdoors, in a position sheltered from the wind and well lit. The soil must be kept moderately moist and always covered with a veil of non-woven fabric until the seeds are completely germinated. For each alveolus you will have to keep the best plant by sacrificing the less developed ones. The seedlings must be followed with moderate irrigation until the moment of planting when they must become more frequent.

When growing celery?
The ideal month forgrowing celery in potsit's May. Cultivation starts from May with seedlings with earthen bread, easily available at a nursery.

Those who start from the seed and not from the plant will have to respect the climatic needs of their geographical area of ​​belonging. Generally speaking, we can say that in Northern Italy it can be sown from mid-April to the end of June while those who live in the center and south, where autumn is milder, will be able to sow until August by planning sowing and transplants in order to harvestceleryfresh all year round.

How to grow celery in pots,protect plants from the cold
In northern Italy, when the cold season arrives, the seedlings grown in pots will have to be sheltered in a bright room and where the temperature does not drop below zero, those who have a double window, could place the potted plants right between the two. glasses. This way you can havecelerycool even in the autumn-winter period.

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