How to dispose of plasterboard

How to dispose of plasterboard

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For dispose of the plasterboard regularly, it is necessary to comply with the legislation that sees such waste destined for landfills for special non-hazardous waste: Legislative Decree. This material, widely used in do-it-yourself but also in construction for its convenience and simplicity of processing and installation , risks being thrown in the cellar forever if you do not arrange for disposal.
Once the plasterboard reaches the end of its cycle, it becomes an unmanageable waste at the collection center as it cannot be assimilated to the urban one. In this regard, let's clarify how to dispose of plasterboard in the manner prescribed by the Regulations.

How to dispose of plasterboard, directions
Drywall can only be disposed of through specialized companies.
To dispel any doubts, you can inquire at the municipal company in your area that carries out the waste disposal service: in this sense you will have information on whether the ecological station is able to receive the material. If not, you can contact the specialized companies that deal with the disposal of plasterboard. To find them on the web just type "specialized plasterboard disposal companies"

How to dispose of drywall, recovery
Many are wondering if plasterboard can be recovered. In limbiate, near Milan, there is a plant capable of completely separating the plaster from the cardboard covering the slabs. In this regard we will illustrate the procedure:
After the selection of the components, the plasterboard is fed into a machine, using a type of magazine called spider. A conveyor sends the material towards the feeding mouth of the machine which, through a process of crushing by impact, separates the cardboard from the plaster with precision. The recovered gypsum can be used in the production of new gypsum products, mortars for construction or to produce cement. The cardboard, on the other hand, is destined for paper mills, for the production of recycled paper and cardboard.

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